What Is Car Rental Software And How It Supports Rental Business In San Diego?

The car rental company is the trade of leasing vehicles to the requirement of clients for a specific price. Rental software thing is like a bonanza for a leasing company. Therefore, you would have any inquiries such as "How it would help your company grow?"

The software provides you a lot of real-time reports like revenue reports, vehicle utilization reports, monthly reports, and much more. It would help you to check the vehicle availability based on locations. To know about rv rental san diego visit https://rvfunrental.com/rv-rental-prices-in-san-diego/

It comes with a live tracking facility so that you could track the live location of the vehicle as well as, the live location can be seen and shared by drivers to the customers so, that they could Know the location of the car.

The software is integrated with an app for the usage of the customer, host, and driver in which there is an option for messaging which helps the customer, driver and the host to communicate with each other. With the help of the app, the customers can make online reservations and the host could list their car for rent.

With the help of the app, the driver could accept and deny rides. The app allows customers to search for cars based on location, time, category, and brand.

This app comes with the feature that a single person could act as a host as well as a user (that is one who rents a car). This app helps the drivers to show their status such as whether they are available(online) or not(offline). It also helps them to make calls to communicate with the users.