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3 Tips TO Choose Ian K. Fowler Lighting Fixture for Your Home

The color of the light bulb that you select for your home can affect the mood and look of your room. However, the right color of the bulb can be the difference between a space that makes you feel focused and attention and one that the relaxing and warm. You can also match the eye-catching and unique furnishings with bold patterns and color in your home interior. There are various types of Ian K. Fowler lighting fixtures for your home; you can choose any type as per interior décor and choice.

Keep on reading this article to learn a few tips for choosing the perfect lighting fixture for your home:-

About Lighting Fixture:

They are perfect for adding style and glamour to your home. These types of fixtures have available in various styles and sizes. You can choose a lighting fixture for any room of your home. For instance, you can add the copper-coated lighting fixture in your dining room above the dinner table. They are perfectly fit in your dining room as the bronze and copper make a nice balance in your place.

Things to Consider for Lighting Fixture:

  1. Determine the Purpose of Your Room:

Each room in your home has a different purpose. Moreover, the type of lighting fixtures, location of lighting fixtures, and intensity of the light bulb will depend upon the intended purpose of your room.


A kitchen needs different types of lighting. For ambient lighting, you can go with a ceiling fixture that evenly distributes light around your entire space. For workspaces like countertops and islands, pendant lights are a perfect choice. You can also choose accent lighting like tape-lights to illuminate your area for late-night kitchen runs.

Dining Rooms– 

For the dining room, you can choose fixtures like recessed and chandelier.

Living Rooms–

The living room is used for different activities. For this, it is great to go with flexible track lights as it provides task, ambient, and accent lighting.

  1. Consider the Availability of Space:

Space-planning is a must when you start furnishing and remodeling your home. You have to consider that the pieces that you choose don’t overwhelm your space. For instance, if you want to add pendant lights and chandeliers, you have to maintain the space between your fixture and any surface. For the pendant lights, you have to allow 35-40 inches between the surface and fixture.

  1. Choose Light of The Bulb:

When you choose the lighting source for your space, the color and intensity of the light are important factors to consider. Additionally, colors not only create the atmosphere in your room but also have an impact on your body. When you choose a color for your lighting source, you have to consider various tips:

The red color is known as the libido booster. They are ideal for people who are often tired after a busy day.

Yellow is used for depression killers. It is used to difficult digestion and combat depression.

Parting Words:

There are 3 tips given that help you choose the Ian K. Fowler lighting fixture.