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Ordering Grilled Chicken Online In Fort Lauderdale? Heres What You Need To Know

Of all the meats available in the market, chicken is the most versatile and loved. It can be whipped up into a decadent curry for a family dinner or added to waffles for a protein-rich breakfast. 

To some, chicken is just chicken, but to those who have been cooking chicken for a while, they know that factors such as freshness, weight and cut affect the taste and flavour of the dish. If you’re looking to order meal prep grilled chicken here’s everything you need to know.

meal prep grilled chicken

How to tell if the chicken you buy online is fresh? 

When buying chicken online here are a few ways to check its freshness. 

  • Colour test

The first way to assess the freshness of chicken is to check its colour. If the flesh of the chicken has a pinkish tinge, then you can rest assured that the chicken you purchased is fresh. If the chicken has a greyish tinge to it, then the chicken has been lying around for a while. 

  • Texture: 

When you poke the chicken, the flesh must spring back. That’s how you know that the chicken is fresh. If when poked, the flesh tends to remain stiff and is soft to feel, then it is stale.

  • Smell: 

Perhaps the biggest giveaway is the smell of the meat. Stale chicken tends to have an unpleasant and foul odour, whereas fresh chicken has no smell. 

How to order chicken online? 

Wondering how to order chicken online? Ordering online is extremely convenient and can help save you loads of time. If you’re looking to order chicken online, then simply start by visiting the meal prep online website. They have the freshest meats that are chilled and never frozen, so the texture of the chicken does not change. Go check it out!