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Breast Cancer – True Secrets Of Understanding And Healing

Much of the research over the last 60 years has focused on cancer treatment. High-tech treatments are currently being developed that can improve survival rates and reduce the dire side effects of drugs and the highly toxic radiation that underlies most cancer medical treatments.

New surgical techniques, including arthroscopic ones, have helped doctors significantly remove tumors. Indeed, treatment has every reason to be proud and optimistic about the prospects for cancer treatment in the 21st century. You can also search for breast cancer training for nurses online.

However, very little research has been done on the psychological causes of cancer. For example, why do certain types of cancer such as breast, colon, and prostate cancer endemic in our society?

This type of research not only helps us change the structure of our culture to significantly reduce the incidence of such diseases but can also provide us with a great deal of information on how to cure this problem.

We don't need a degree in biochemistry or oncology to know the importance of this epidemic. We only need to examine what breasts are used for and how women's breasts are used in our culture.

The stimulation of healthy blood flow and activation of the immune system in the breast as a result of all these processes has resulted in tumor reduction or removal in a number of cases that I have studied.

Of course, a double-blind hospitalized study of this simple but effective treatment option is a long way off because you won't make millions in profit. So it is advised not to wait for the medical industry to catch up.