Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Online Teacher Training

There are many reasons someone chooses to do the SUP Yoga TT. Most often, people participate because they already have a passion for practicing water yoga.

Whether they want to continue teaching or just spend four full days in the water learning more about something they love. Some are already yoga teachers and want to develop their skills thereby learning how to make their yoga practice on a floating surface. You can check the frequently asked questions to clear your doubts.

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Take your yoga training to the next level – and your practice in the water – in our yoga for standing (SUP) training. As one of the fastest-growing water sports, SUP yoga combines the health benefits of outdoor recreation with the basics of practicing asanas in a way that is accessible to all ages and skill levels.

Conducted exclusively in the beautiful waters of the lake, this seven-day training course provides the knowledge and skills needed to confidently get your student, client, or individual practice off the mat and onto the board in a fun and integrative way.

This is a completely different course of study. On the first day of the SUP yoga teacher training, participants get a certificate from World Rowing Association 1 which includes SUP equipment, harbor law, water safety, water rescue, towing (yes, towing), rowing even for CPR and AED certified.

When you are in the water, you are at home with him and the safety of your students is in your hands, so we have to be very careful with all the possible scenarios that may arise and how we treat them properly.