Nicotine Dependency – An Overview

Nicotine is a toxin found in the tobacco plant, and its main function is to serve as a deterrent when it comes to insects wanting to eat the plant. Nicotine is said to be more lethal than arsenic, venoms of different snakes, strychnine, etc.

The most common means of nicotine finding its way into our system is through cigarette smoke. It is owing to the nicotine present in the cigarette that the act of smoking seems pleasurable. If you want to get more information regarding vape products then you can navigate to

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And nicotine is undoubtedly the biggest reason that the cigarette industry continues to grow at a steady pace. However, smoking counts as a major preventable cause of death/disease and also causes a significant number of premature deaths each year.

Tobacco smoke contains a plethora of chemicals, and nicotine is amongst the primary ones. Do know that smokeless tobacco contains nicotine as well. Nicotine dependency is considered to be amongst the hardest to break, and even when a smoker witnesses the damage that nicotine can cause first-hand, smoking can still be quite difficult to quit.

While it is the nicotine that keeps a smoker coming back for more, the other constituents present in cigarettes lead to a considerably higher rate of cancer, strokes, and heart & lung diseases in smokers. Nicotine dependency can also lead to infertility, complications during pregnancy as well as complications in a newborn baby's health.