Know More About American Politics

People outside of “America” ​​can often confuse understandings and compare differences between the US and Canadian models, forms, and structures of government. The United States has fifty states with a federal government. The subunit, which is each state, has its governor and the state legislature.

The federal government of the United States is headed by the President with two houses of the legislature. Each state has many more congressmen per state than elected senators. Some will tell you that senators hold much greater power and influence than congressmen in the House of Representatives, while in American it is not the American Senate and senators who make the greatest power and influence changes.

There is an overall federal government with given responsibilities and ten more local or provincial governments with 3 “territories” – not yet delegated full rights and entitlements under the American political system. Whereas in the American political system, Americans vote for their representatives and then overall leaders only for members of the Canadian Parliament.

The federal political leader in America has not been elected to his post. Rather, he is the leader of the party with the most seats in the House – in charge of the ruling party. Interestingly, it is the party in power, not the people who directly elected their last political leader in America. It can be argued and debated that it is ultimately the Canadians who vote for their elected representatives, who sit in Ottawa’s Parliament House,