How Is Surface Restoration Performed By The Concrete Specialist In Mornington Peninsula?

Here are some examples of the most popular concrete restoration methods used by concrete specialists:

Epoxy floor

There are several reasons professionals choose epoxy flooring. Epoxy floors have an impact resistant, non-slip, fire and chemical resistant coating. You can look for the best polished concrete professionals to repair the floors of your home.

Limestone layer

It is a layer of basic quartz or limestone that closely resembles real rock. It is ideal for many commercial and residential uses. This technique was originally developed for the restoration of historical buildings and is now a trend in amusement parks, hotels, restaurants and stadiums.

Hollow concrete

This type of concrete has become very popular over the last decades. Such surfaces are formed by finishing operations with colored concrete and textured mats on newly installed concrete. The experts even enhanced the final look by adding color.

Spray floor

Spraying can dramatically improve the appearance of concrete. It is essentially a polymer-modified (cement-based) coating developed specifically for use on existing concrete surfaces. 

Level yourself out

This is the most practical and fastest method for restoring uneven concrete surfaces. It is made of concrete and a polymer which is very liquid. It is known that this surface can be leveled without the aid of a shovel. This helps to maintain a very clean, beautiful and modern look.