Gmo Foods May Damage Vital Organs And Cause Tumours

This is the first-lifetime nutrition program to assess the health hazards of GMO foods, according to published reports. The analysis showed organ failure and fatal tumors caused by transgenic maize (maize).

Designing genetically enhanced organisms is the manipulation of humans with DNA stacks with international or artificial genes created to create new offspring or subspecies. The desire for such knowledge is usually income. Plants can be used to increase crop production and the production of insecticides and herbicides in raw seeds for sale.

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Roundup Cancer Risk Is Only One Danger to Humans, Animals - Bloomberg

Uncontrolled technology that has been deprecated has a strange deadly effect on humans, pets, or animals. Glyphosate (Roundup), a poison that grows in cereals, continues to harm animals and humans with foods made from corn.

This study shows why the damage to GMOs in humans has not yet reached its peak. Ongoing short-term studies show that GMO beans are safe for humans and pets. Previous short-term studies hid what happened next.

Assessing the age of the mice in relation to human age equated the individuals for the study of mice to about 28 years. In the French study of mice, the damage was less pronounced in the first 3 months (the equivalent of about 4 human years).

The first detected large tumor appeared in the scientific analysis only at 4 months. From that time and during the following 21 months (24 1/2 human years) major organ damage and large tumors occurred. Some tumors grew up to 25% the size of mice.