Direct to Garment Printing on Dark Color Garments

Basically, there are two forms of printing t-shirts, and the most prominent of which are screen printing as there are for more than one millennium, faster and more importantly it is also cheaper. However, new digital printing forms are referred to as printing directly to attractive garments and getting reception throughout the world because of their extraordinary quality.

Printing technology directly to this day based on devices similar to inkjet printers. The only difference here is the fact that you print on clothes rather than paper. You can find custom direct to garment t-shirt printing from various online sources.

You might be wondering why people will choose directly to garment printing when there are other alternatives available. Well, you won't know the difference unless you feel it yourself. Directly to the printed product garment feel the same thing even after the image is printed on the clothes and this is what makes it special.

For most people, comfort is their top priority and therefore they won't mind paying a little more if they will get smooth clothes and don't have any kind of rough edges.

Move from light clothes to the dark garment

At first, when this technology was first introduced, this procedure only applies to bright colored clothes because it never looks good in dark colors because of inferior technology.

However, now this technology has increased, there are several companies that offer direct services to garment printing in dark colors too. The main problem faced in this case will be the high cost of the cartridge needed for this purpose.

These printers are not as expensive and reasonably priced even though the price is thousands of dollars. However, if you are considering printing on dark colors for large volume orders, you must use a lot of ink, which in turn will lead to higher production costs.