Boost Creative Thinking in Organizations

Creatively and critically thinking is important for the success of the organization.  These organizations are more adaptable to change, and create a better practice for clients and customers.

Creative thinking is a complement to think critically. From the perspective of solving organizational problems, critical thinking required to analyze and evaluate the situation, and then again to identify the best solution to the problem.

Boost Creative Thinking in Organizations

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Most likely, you hear that our left brain associated with critical thinking, logical and right brain is responsible for art, our creative abilities. Modern neuroscientist treats this mythical idea.

Focus groups – can be used as an assessment tool causes problems or as a method to generate ideas for new products. Participants were asked about their perceptions, opinions, and attitudes toward a product, service, or concept.

Trial and error method – this approach is more successful with simple rather than complex problems. This method can be used by people who have little knowledge in the field of problem. For example, if the challenge is to create a budget, and there are limited resources to cover competing expenditure, one can try the allocation of funds in different categories until equilibrium is reached.

Brainstorming – this is a great strategy to harness the creativity of the team. Participants were brought together and led by a facilitator who can officially be charged or informally identified during the process. Brainstorming is a process of two stages – the first work of the group in generating ideas and then evaluating these ideas.