Best Motor Oil For Vehicle

Before buying motor oil for your car, you must check the manufacturer's recommendations and make sure to select the correct viscosity.

When you get to the hallway that has all motor oil, you will quickly see that you have a choice between standard and synthetic motor oil. You can get bulk oil delivery through the internet.

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You will also see that synthetic is far more expensive than standard motor oil. If you choose to change your own oil, you already save some time and money.

Choosing to go with synthetic oil will save more time because it expanded motor oil life from 3,000 miles to 5,000 miles and even up to 7,500 miles, depending on your vehicle. This article looks at the best synthetic motor oil.

The top synthetic motor oil is Pennzoil Platinum. This Pennzoil product is much less expensive than some of its counterparts and is readily available at most retailers with an auto section. Though a 5-liter jug will cost you around $20, you'll have twice as long before you need to pop the hood and crawl underneath the car. This synthetic oil has rated very high in used oil analysis tests and is our best pick.

If you have some sort of bad blood with Pennzoil, another good choice is the AMSOIL 100% synthetic motor oil. Though this product offers top performance, it also comes with a top price. Also available in their Signature Series in 0W30, this oil is known to last a long time and perform well.