Winter Fashion Trends: Socks

The winter season brings out many fashion trends, such as capes, large, colorful coats, and infinity scarves; But you'd probably never think that one of the biggest winter trends and fashion statements is socks. 

Socks are very popular this year and will continue to be so during the winter months. There is nothing better than being fashionable and bundling up. You can search for a monthly socks subscription in Canada & the USA from various online sources. 

Here are a couple of styles and ways you can wear socks this winter season:

Over knee socks

Over-the-knee socks are definitely in this season. They have always been there, but not as popular as they are becoming across the country. If you've never tried this look, now is the time to gain value and see why it is such a popular trend these days.

Knee-high socks go great with boots, heels, and even sneakers, depending on the outfit. Various types of dresses combined with knee lengths can be the perfect outfit. For extra warmth, wear socks over stockings. Staying comfortable just showing off your thighs a bit is enough to be handsome, but cute and stylish all rolled into one. You can find over the knee socks almost everywhere with various options to choose from, such as retailers, designers, shoe stores, and more.

Socks with Heels

Heeled socks are the perfect trend for winter 2013. These fun comfy foot covers offer endless style options. Polka Dot, Striped, Suspender, Skeleton & Bone Socks, Sheer, Black, Striped, White, Lace, and many more! Socks look fantastic with chunky heels, stilettos, court shoes, sandals, peep toe, pumps.

This is certainly not a combination for the faint of heart; it takes a certain kind of zest and flamboyance to do it. If you're the type who wears proprietary black heels every day to work, then this probably isn't the style for you. But if you're feeling adventurous and particularly stylish, you should kick your socks off with heels once the temperatures drop.