The Difference Between Headshots and Brand Photography

If you're thinking about ordering photos for your small business, you might come across a variety of terms – photoshoots, brand photography, personal branding, documentation – how to differentiate between branded and headshot photos and decide what's best for you and your company? That's how I explain it to my wonderful readers and clients!

Why do I need photos for my business?

To tell your story! Photos help you tell your business and personal story so that your desired customers can find you and order or buy your products. Then, the focus of your decision making will be what you need your photos for and what they need to do for you. You can get detailed information on headshot and personal brand photographers via

Are you trying to bring your personality and mood to LinkedIn, or are you redesigning your entire website and presenting yourself there as the face of your brand?

Do you know your ideal customer and what you want? Do you need a beautiful brochure or a casual post on social media? And what stories did you share?

All of these questions will tell you what type of photo you've ordered – a head shot, a branding session, or a complete work. Or complementary shooting later!