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Choosing a Solar Panel Installer

For most of us, using a quality solar panel installer is the right choice. A qualified professional will ensure that your product is installed according to the manufacturer's instructions so that it functions effectively and you don't lose the warranty.

However, finding the right installer can become a lottery if you follow the instructions.

1. Ask for recommendations

Do you know anyone who has installed solar panels? Would you recommend your installer?

2. Find a professional accreditation

Look for professional accreditation that is recognized in the industry. Many installers display a schematic logo on the website where they are accredited. However, it is advisable to check with the actual system operator to ensure that the accreditation is valid and up to date.

3. Do preliminary research

If you have a shortlist of installers, do your research. Take a look at their website, does it feel like a professional, it provides you with enough information to make you feel confident about their experience and competence.

4. Costs

While the lowest price may be tempting, it is not always recommended. In most cases, you get what you pay for. Receive offers from several companies. In doing so, you need to feel the reasonable installation costs.

5. Post-installation service

Consider the post-installation services offered by installers. Do they offer regular inspections and guarantees? 

6. Availability

The only downside of choosing a good installer is that they will ask to wait a little longer to install your module. A longer wait can result in better prices, service, and warranties.