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Seat Cover Buying Guide

You might think that your factory chair is holding up well. What you might not notice is how much chair abuse from wear, sun damage, pets, or dirt and spills. All of these problems have an easy fix, seat covers. Why do you have to get seat covers?

There are many reasons. You can protect your factory chair, adjust your interior or cover damage to your chair. They are also the best way to make your interior look new and clean.

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But how do you decide which seat covers are right for you? This guide will help you make a decision and make sure you get the seat covers that best suit your needs.

If your chair is dirty or has spilled, cleaning is needed. Seat covers put an end to this. Most can be put in the washing machine and dryer, so you don't need to buy expensive detergent to remove stains and dirt.

If you have a pet, you know that vacuuming on a chair to remove all pet hair from them is very boring. How about your nails, you don't want them to slip through your new leather chair, do you? Seat covers provide a protective barrier to prevent pets from scratching your beautiful seat or drilling hole.

Another problem is UV damage. True, strong sunlight demands the lives of many chairs. When the sun shines on your car, it is enlarged through your window panes. That's why it feels like an oven on hot summer days.