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Diet Health – Gluten Free Grains

Eating healthy is very important to your well-being. The basic gluten free grains contain natural carbohydrates that provide energy or fuel for the body. Without eating cereal, you will feel sluggish.

Healthy gluten free baking for your food

While the following cereals are gluten-free when used as a diet substitute, the taste of your preparation will differ slightly from the original. But, over time and experimenting with seasonings and flavors, you can make your gluten-free dish taste as good as any other.

You can find these nuts in most supermarkets, grocery stores, and health food stores. The first gluten-free grain was buckwheat. Buckwheat is available at most grocery and health food stores. Buckwheat makes a great substitute for waffles and pancakes.

The second gluten-free grain is quinoa. Quinoa is a grain of rice that can be used as a substitute for almost any couscous, pasta, or rice recipe. Remember that cooking with quinoa and eating the right portions will take some getting used to.

The next gluten-free grain was one of the first cultivated grains. This is known as millet. These cereals are cheap and easy to find at your nearest health food store. You should also be able to find millet bread easily. This bread is delicious and makes a great substitute.

Then you have corn. You can eat it as is or use cornstarch as a substitute for regular flour. Corn flour is a type of gluten-free grain substitute.