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The Value Of Gold Bars

The value of gold bullion depends on the current market price of gold at a given point in time. Prices are always changing because merchant costs and profits are added to production costs with certain taxes.

Bigger and heavier bars add less premium per ounce or kilogram of gold because the higher the price, the lower the premium. You need to have a secure communication with trusted dealers while buying gold bars.

The most common gold bars weigh around 400 troy ounces, which is not to be confused with the weight of food. The nutritional value weight, measured in ounces, is lighter than three ounces.

Gold bars have a volume of about 39 cubic inches and the increased density of gold makes them look like bricks. One troy ounce is 31.1034768 grams, and a gram of gold will be around $27 when the price of gold is at $850 per ounce.

While the weight of a gold bar is measured in troy ounces, purity is determined by the carat in another form used to calculate the weight of a diamond.

Over the years inflation has taken its toll, currencies have fallen, causing soaring prices for gold and precious metals. If the currency were backed by gold, it would rise from a price of just an ounce to over $52,000 in current market conditions.

Gold retains its value even if currency values fluctuate. An ounce of gold would have provided similar goods and services fifty or sixty years ago. The value of an ounce has not changed, but gold used to be much cheaper.

So when you talk about the price of gold, at some point the value of gold automatically comes to mind. Again, the purchasing power of gold has not changed much over the last 200 years with some very high buying seasons.