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The Basic Stained Glass Tools You Need to Get Started

The craft of creating art objects from stained glass began centuries ago. We marvel when we see beautiful lamps and stained glass windows and wonder how these wonderful items were made. You're probably surprised how easy it is to create your stained glass items. You can find the best glass art tools online.

A short word about safety: Cutting and working with glass is dangerous. Eye protection is a must at all times when cutting or polishing glass, and to reduce the risk of cuts, be sure to wear gloves and other safety equipment whenever appropriate. This is not a hobby for children.

Glass Cutter – Cutting colored glass into individual shapes and pieces is the heart of this hobby. And there is only one basic tool you need to achieve this, a glass cutter. Glass cutters come in several different types and styles, but any basic glass cutter will work for you.

Pliers – There are three types of pliers that you will become familiar with while working with glass cutting. These are pliers for breaking, rubbing, and running. But for starters, a set of breaker pliers will get you started.

Glass grinder: a grinder is essential to smooth the edges and shape the glass. Although you can be quite adept at cutting stained glass shapes, a grinder makes it very easy to precisely shape the piece to the exact size.

Soldering Iron – The last major item you need for your basic toolset is a soldering iron. Again, there are many different types and styles. But any typical standard 100-watt soldering iron will suffice. This along with a supply of 60/40 solder and some flux and you're good to go.

Foil or Lead Came – Depending on the style of project you decide to start with, you will need either foil or wine.

These are the most basic tools you will need to cut and shape this colorful glass. The pieces you cut and shape can be made into beautiful lamps, sun catchers, stained glass, or any other stained glass art item you want to make