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The Best Creative Customized Clocks

A custom-designed clock is a unique decoration for your home or a great gift for any occasion, and they are easy to create! The only essential tools you will need are a watch, a glue stick, paper, and a little imagination.

The raised clear plastic disk that covers the watch face can be easily removed by the edges. Next, carefully grasp the stem from the clock hands and pull gently. The stem simply slides over another bar and no tools are required to remove it. Just be sure to remember the order in which the hands go up, middle, and down.

Then remove the cardboard face with the printed clock numbers. The cardboard circle is only fixed with a little rubber cement and should come off immediately. If you are looking for a high-quality custom wall clock with quotes visit Family Divine.

custom wall clock

When your artwork is complete, cut out your circle, and carefully poke a hole in the center for your clock hands. Even a ballpoint pen can be used to punch a hole in the middle of your paper – it doesn't need to be very large to fit the clock hands through.

Use some glue stick on the back of the watch face design so it sticks securely and won't slip. Turn over, position, and fix the watch. Reassemble the clock hands and gently push them towards the center of the clock. If the delicate second-hand bends, just fold it back. 

If it accidentally breaks, don't worry, no one will miss it. Put your clear plastic box back on top, add a battery if you need it, and you're done. You have created a memorable gift or original piece of art to hang on your home wall.