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Various Types of Insulation


Insulation is vast giving rise to a ton of types. Although the list is vast, let’s focus on the most common ones one needs to know.

Insulation for Door and Window – Now, this type of insulation is based on glazing spaces of the windows which helps to experience warm and silence.

Insulation for the Roof – There are 2 common types of roof insulation which are cold and warm loft.

  1. Cold Loft – Cold loft insulation is based on the upper portion of the ceiling of the house.
  2. Warm Loft – Warm loft insulation is based on the lower portion of the roof of the house. The difference between cold and warm loft is that the latter is on the expensive side.

Insulation for Walls – There are many types of wall insulation however, solid wall insulation is the most commonly used one. Solid wall insulation is used on inner and outer side of the house walls. The outer insulation is done to offer protection and cover on the front side of the house. While the inner insulation is done to ensure the house maintains proper and comfortable temperature.

Insulation for Floor – This type of insulation is the most expensive one compared to others and should only be done if necessary. Furthermore, before the floor requires insulation it is important to know the type of floor your house has. Older houses will be required to spend more money because the floor is known to be in suspended form. While newer houses will save money because of the presence of concrete floor.

Closed foam insulation is another type of insulation you should know.