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Minimize Risk With Post-Employment Screening In US

The majority of companies in the United States have embraced pre-employment screening in their hiring process to at least some degree. It is estimated in 2010 that roughly 9 out of 10 companies performed some sort of background check during the hiring process.

Equally important and much less common is the need for post-employment screening. If you want to know more about employment screening services, you can also call us.

Regular post-employment reviews throughout an employee's career can actively identify risks that can lead to negligent retention, workplace violence, downsizing, and negative publicity.

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Employees may start their careers with a clean criminal record, drug-free lifestyle, and good personal finance practices, but there is no guarantee that their background will remain flawless. Crimes such as fraud are often committed by trusted old employees.

Violations that can be seen on the screen after work is done and that is important to the employer and the welfare of the company are:

Drug Use: A large number of American workers consume and abuse drugs, and the number is increasing every year. Drug addiction can create risks in the workplace such as decreased productivity, increased risk of theft, and fights with coworkers. Substance abuse can cost a business thousands of dollars.

Serious criminal offenses: These are crimes that can indicate an increased risk to the company. Familiarity with criminal penalties allows employers to take steps to reduce the likelihood of negative problems such as fraud, theft, and workplace violence.