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How Important Is Antenatal Care For Mothers?

Antenatal care (ANC) is a success story in Africa. More than two-thirds of pregnant women (69%) have had at least one contact with the ANC. To reach the full life-saving potential that ANC promises for women and infants, four visits are required to allow for basic evidence-based intervention – a package often referred to as targeted prenatal care.

Major interventions in ANC include identifying and managing obstetric complications such as preeclampsia, tetanus toxoid immunization, routine preventive treatment for malaria during pregnancy (IPTp), and identifying and treating infections, including HIV, syphilis. You can also get more information about antenatal care services via https://www.jacarandamaternity.co.ke/antenatal-care.

antenatal care services

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ANC is also an opportunity to promote the use of skilled obstetricians and healthy behaviors such as breastfeeding, early follow-up care, and planning the optimal interval between pregnancies. Many of these opportunities continue to be missed, even though more than two-thirds of pregnant women receive at least one antenatal visit.

Good care during pregnancy is important for the health of the mother and fetal development. Pregnancy is an important time to promote healthy behavior and parenting skills. A good ANC connects a woman and her family to the formal health system, increases the likelihood of hiring a qualified obstetrician, and contributes to good health throughout the life cycle.

Finally, we offer practical steps to address the major challenges of providing high-quality care to mothers and babies during this critical period of pregnancy and to include various interventions and programs aimed at this period.