Helpful Tips To Correct Your Boxing Technique

Your boxing strategy is essential if you'd like to find the best workout!  Here are a few important rules to notice when enhancing your abilities.

Make sure that you're using the best quality boxing gloves (which is also called ‘ gants de boxe de la Meilleure qualit ’ in French) to the action you're doing and they will protect your hands satisfactorily. 

Your palms should be tucked beneath together with the thumb on the exterior.  If you tuck your thumb on the interior of the fingers you take the probability of breaking it up when hitting hard.

Start with both palms with your ears, safeguarding your head.  At any time you punch you want to bring your hands back to your own mind.

This provides you with more punch that enables you time to acquire the best momentum, more rate, and consequently a harder hit.

When you straighten your arm make certain you twist your hand so the thumb is marginally down on touch and your wrist is level.

This may reduce the probability of any wrist accidents on contact. If you're an ideal handler then you need to have your left leg forwards.  

In this example, you'd jab with your left and right blend with your best.  If you're a left-hander then you've got your right foot forwards and you jab with your own right and blend along with your left.

Make sure that you keep on the bottoms of your feet so you are able to move lightly and fast.  When ducking a punch you need to bend on the balls of the feet.